Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Mudlarking Along the Thames in London


If you've never heard the term mudlark or mudlarking, then you're in for a fun surprise.

London has hundreds of years of history and bits and pieces of that history are lodged in the mud along the Thames River running right through the city. I've been watching several of the mudlarking videos on YouTube and the things they find are so fascinating and history unearthed and right in their hands! 

Besides just pulling things out of the muck, sand and rocks, they look for words on the artifacts and then research the history of that company or tavern or whatever. So one can learn English/London history while enjoying "luck in the muck," as mudlarker Si-Finds says.  He or Nicola White are my two favs to watch. 

Give it a looksee on YouTube. Bet you'll be hooked as I've been. 

P.S. There is even a new museum in London containing many of these finds; if the item is over 300 years old, the finder is expected/encouraged to turn it in to the museum. 

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