Saturday, April 7, 2018

What You Missed April 7th 2018 EWGS Meeting

Well today was a good day to spend inside and a large group of eager genealogists. First up the general meeting, approving the minutes, treasurers report, writing contest update, and announcements on WSGS dues and 2019 WSGS meeting in October 2019 here in Spokane.
Vice President Mary Holcomb conducting the general meeting.

Sonji Ruttan and Lee Pierce setting up.

 Lee Pierce talking about the Eastern State Archives and the Washington State Digital Archives.

Next was the pot luck lunch, hard to not eat everything in sight. 

The board met next and we nearly froze in the sanctuary.

Last was Carol Buswell talking about the National Archives and how they can help genealogists.
Here is an answer to one question about the railroad retirement records being moved to the Atlanta branch of NARA thanks to Google.