Saturday, April 29, 2017

Eastern Washington Genealogical Society May Meeting

They Wore Union Blue
Saturday, May 6
They Wore Union Blue  (EWGS Meetings)
12:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Spokane Public Library Auditorium, Downtown Spokane
Presenter: Gordon Struve from Sons of Veterans of the Civil War
Gordy was initiated as a member of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW) in December 2015. Through has genealogy research since retirement, he has obtained documented proof of his ancestral connection to six Civil War Union veterans; three of which are direct line and three are collateral. He is a Charter Life Member of the Fort Walla Walla Camp No. 3 SUVCW organization headquartered in Kennewick, Washington.

This presentation will start with a brief historical review of the Civil War era and the anti-slavery issue that preceded the war. A chronology will take us to the formation of the Grand Army of the Republic which followed the war and then on to the creation of the SUVCW.

A description of the modern day SUVCW organization will be presented including its mission to preserve the memory of soldiers who fought in the war and to support education of our school-aged children about elements of the war.

The formal presentation will move on to linking with the SUVCW home page and database websites.
Cookies & Social Time: 12:30 PM.  Meeting starts at 1:00 PM

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Library Construction Update

Stopped by the library today to take some pictures of the construction detours.
Looking north on Lincoln they have closed the crosswalk in front of the library across Main. You need to cross Lincoln first then Main and Lincoln again.

Cars heading north on Lincoln by the library, There is two lanes from Spokane Falls Boulevard to Main.
Looking South on Lincoln, notice right lane right only heading to Monroe, left lane either right to Monroe or left on Main.
Here is the new driveway on the right side of Lincoln that goes to the library parking lot.
This is from the second floor of the library showing the ramps to the parking garage and the lanes leading to Lincoln.
Here is a car leaving the garage and waiting for a hole in the  traffic to exit onto Lincoln.
They have closed the sidewalk heading north along Lincoln past the library book drop, so you can not walk to the garage ramps now. They have also removed all the parking along Lincoln so the traffic can move  efficiently.
This is the sidewalk along Main heading towards Monroe, it is closed just past the bike racks. The sidewalk on the south side of Main is still open, but a miserable way to get to it, across Lincoln to the east, south across Main then west across Lincoln again.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

What You Missed April 1, 2017 DNA Seminar

The day started out interesting as the Video hookup for the Country Holmes Christian Church would not hook up to the computer of the speaker Mary Kathryn Kozy without an adapter and no one had one on them so the new projector that EWGS had just purchased was hooked up and worked perfectly. It was supposed to be demonstrated at the board meeting today, but everyone got to see it work.

 Hooking up our new EWGS projector

EWGS President Pat Bayonne-Johnson started the meeting a 9 am.

After introducing guests and the treasurers report Mary Kathryn Kozy presented her first session on DNA Fundamental and mitochondrial testing. A short break to try to eat up some of the cookies, brownies and other sweets and then on to second session. This one was on Y-DNA testing and its applications to Genealogy and a little on X-DNA. Both of these sessions were very informative and a lot of questions asked and answered so I hope everyone understands DNA now.
Next was lunch and sampling all the goodies brought in by EWGS members. Same problem as always way too much food and not enough people to eat it all up.
Mary Kathryn Kozy answering questions while she ate lunch.

Next the drawing for the door prize and raffle prizes and they did not even get close to my numbers.
The last two sessions started early in order to get done early so we could get home to watch the Gonzaga and South Carolina basketball game. ( The Zags won and will play for the championship on Monday)
First session was Can you Help Me Find My Cousins? Understanding Autosomal DNA. This one has changed the scientific thought on how DNA was passed from generation to generation. The last session was Using your Results, Gedmatch and other Third Party Tools. Not sure an hour to go over these tools could even scratch the surface of this subject, and then new tools are coming online also.