Friday, June 25, 2021

Linda Morgan, EWGS Shining Star Volunteer


That is EWGS member, Linda Morgan, hiding behind the mask....... as required for entry and research at the MAC archives.  Linda is embarking on a huge but so worthwhile project: creating a much more thorough index to the New England Funeral Home (Undertaking Company) records. Yes, EWGS has a lengthy index on our website but Linda is creating a much better index. All with the blessing of Anna Harbine and Alex Fergus, resident archivists there at the MAC. 

Linda is indexing many more points of information from the dozens of boxes filled with binders/folders of that defunct funeral parlor's records. See what she's holding up? Each record take a whole page........... age, address, cause of death and more. 

She is going the extra mile and using the resources of City Directories and the Digital Archives and even Find-A-Grave to double check when she is unsure of the spelling.  This will be a super good index when she finishes.............. want to help her?  Let her know. 

Meanwhile, big hand-clapping for our EWGS Shining Star volunteer!

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