Tuesday, December 28, 2010

ArkivDigital - Free of Charge 28-30 December 2010

The following is a press release from ArkivDigital, a Swedish genealogy database website:

All of us at ArkivDigital would like to thank you for the past year by offering you and anyone who is interested in genealogy, the opportunity to use ArkivDigital - ADOnLine2 Free of Charge, Tuesday-Thursday (28-30 December 2010). Feel free to tell your friends about this possibility.
Svensk version av detta nyhetsbrev gå till vår hemsida http://www.arkivdigital.se.

How do I get access to ArkivDigital archives for free?

To gain access to ArkivDigital and ADOnLine2 for free, you have to do a few things. It's quite easy and we are sure you will manage - just follow the instructions below carefully.
  1. Register as a new member
    • If you are already registered, go to the next paragraph.
    • If you are not already registered as a member, you will have to do the following: - Go to: http://www.arkivdigital.net/users/register and fill in the requested information. Be extra careful to write the correct E-mail address and password you choose. The password must be at least 6 characters and/or digits.
  2. Install the program ADOnLine2, http://www.arkivdigital.net/products/adonline/installation If you haven't the latest version installed, we advise you to install it now. The latest version is called 1.4.1. You can check which version you have if you open the program, click the Hjälp (Help) menu and then click Om (About). You can also try our English beta version.
  3. During installation, you will be prompted to answer some questions. You must respond to them "positively" and when the installation is complete, you should have a new icon called ADOnLine2 on your Desktop.
  4. Double click the icon to start the program...
  5. and the login box will pop up. Please enter your login information (Email and Password). Be sure to enter it in exactly the same as you did when you registered - capital and lowercase letters are significant.
    If you are receiving an error message regarding E-post/Lösenord (Email / Password) some information is wrong. Click to clear the error messages and then use the Arkiv menu (File menu) and then "Logga in" (Log in). Now, the login box pops up again. Erase all information and fill in the correct information again.
  6. Once you have logged in and you're now in the program and can start your research.
  7. To the left is a list of Archive Holders. Find for "your" parish/church in the list or type the name of it directly into the search field above. Click on the name in the list to select it.
  8. When you have selected your parish, the list of volumes from your chosen parish will show up. Search for a volume in the list and double click the left mouse button to open the volume.
  9. When the volume is opened you can browse it with -5, -1, +1 and +5 or in the drop down list (between -1 and +1).
  10. On the installation page you can also find a users manual for the program in English or here as a PDF-file: http://www.arkivdigital.net/download/images/929/Instruktion_2010-11-09-Eng.pdf

Customers service this week

We will answer questions as soon as we can. Sometimes we receive a lot of questions and if that is the case it can take a little while before you get your answer, but you will. It is always best to send via E-mail to: kundtjanst@arkivdigital.se

Frequently Asked Questions and Problems

  • We will add three extra days to all ongoing subscriptions.
  • If you have problems with the program and want help; Tell as much as you can, regarding what version are you using, what happens and what you are doing when it happens. Are there any error messages and what do they say? The more you can tell, the easier it is for us to quickly respond to you.
  • If you are completely without function you can try to install an older version of the program. At the bottom of the Installation page you can find links to older versions. Sometimes they work better.
  • If you have automatic login checked and receiving an error message regarding "E-post/Lösenord" (Email/password), close the error messages and then click the Arkiv menu (File menu), then click "Logga In" (log in). Now, the login box pops up again. Erase all data and type them again.

One year subscription for "Christmas and New Year price" of 995 SEK

(Live rates at 2010.12.27 13:16:00 UTC; 995.00 SEK = 146 USD)
We hope you haven't missed our special pricing on our annual subscription. For only 995 SEK you get access to ADOnLine2 in a year. Regular price is 1195 SEK - and the offer can only be purchased by individuals from December 20th 2010 through January 9th 2011.

Upcoming Events at NEHGS!

The following is a press release from the New England Historic and Genealogical Society:

January New Visitor and Welcome Tour
Starting your family genealogy can seem a little daunting at first. There is so much information found in a variety of locations. Let NEHGS help you make sense of it all by attending this FREE lecture for both members and non-members. This talk introduces you to the NEHGS research library, located at 99 Newbury Street in Boston. You will also have an opportunity to describe your research interests to one of our expert genealogists on staff, who can offer some advice on how to proceed. The program starts with a thirty-minute introductory lecture and will be followed by a tour of the library and its vast holdings. Make plans to start your genealogy with this great tour.

January 8, 2011 10:00AM - 11:30AM

New England Historic Genealogical Society
99 Newbury St.Boston MA, 02116

Using AmericanAncestors.org

NEHGS recently launched its new Website, AmericanAncestors.org. It is full of new features, tools, resources, and content that highlights NEHGS’ growing national expertise in genealogy and family history. We now have more than 135 million searchable names covering New England, New York, and other areas of family research dating back to 1620. We invite you to attend this free lecture to learn more about this incredible online resource.

January 12, 2011 10:00AM - 11:30AM

New England Historic Genealogical Society
99 Newbury St.
Boston MA, 02116

Dom's, An Odyssey

Join NEHGS as we welcome guest speaker Dom Capossela, who will discuss his recent book, Dom's, An Odyssey. Dom's, An Odyssey is an immigrant story. Through the lens of Italian immigration, with a tour of Boston's 1950s North End, Dom takes us on a voyage of discovery which reminds us of the immigrant roots of All Americans.

January 19, 2011 7:30PM
New England Historic Genealogical Society
99 Newbury St.
Boston MA, 02116

Winter Weekend Research Getaway - Effective Use of Technology

NEHGS Weekend Research Getaways combine personal, guided research at the NEHGS Research Library with themed educational lectures to create a unique experience for every participant. Personal consultations with NEHGS genealogists throughout the program allow visitors to explore their own genealogical projects, under the guiding hand of the nation’s leading family history experts.

Our Winter Research Getaway, “Effective Use of Technology,” offers a variety of lectures surrounding “best practices” in using technology including researching online, software, and other topics relevant to any genealogist.

January 27, 2011 9:00AM – January 29, 2011 5:00PM
New England Historic Genealogical Society
99 Newbury St.
Boston MA, 02116

Friday, December 17, 2010

A New way to Search Google Newspapers

Just read about this on the Spokane Library Genealogy Blog. You can now see which newspapers are available to search on Google and then search a specific newspaper. Click Here for the Google Newspaper Search
Since the Spokane library also has the complete set on microfilm you can get copies from the library of any article you are interested in.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Big Changes at FamilySearch.org !!

Big Changes at FamilySearch.org

Updated Site Now Available; More Improvements to Come

SALT LAKE CITY–FamilySearch announced several changes today for its family history website, FamilySearch.org. Online patrons will find millions of new records and images, over 40,000 helpful articles, over 100 interactive courses of instruction, and a dynamic forum to ask personal genealogy questions. The changes have been in testing for some time. FamilySearch will continue to implement the new website in phases to ensure all critical elements are functioning as desired. Once complete, the website will be promoted more broadly.

The new site offers the following free benefits to FamilySearch patrons:

Millions more scanned, historical documents and indexes that are published more frequently.

An improved search experience that looks through more content and gives more accurate results.

A thriving online genealogical community where patrons can give and receive help.

One user name and password for all FamilySearch products and services.

Responsive, reliable, and scalable hardware and software that will allow the site to grow and improve.

FamilySearch has published a helpful document called “Adjusting to the New Version of www.familysearch.org” and a video tutorial that summarizes the changes to the new site. These new guides can be found under the “Changes at FamilySearch.org” link.

The prior version of the site will still be available through the transition period.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Eastern Washington Genealogical Society Blog Nominated as One of Family Tree Magazine's 40 Best Genealogy Blogs for 2011

The Eastern Washington Genealogical Society Blog has been nominated as one of Family Tree Magaine's 40 Best Genealogy Blogs for 2011. This was a reader-submitted nomination, and we thank our readers who nominated our blog.

Family Tree Magazine offers the following information for the voting process:
In the July 2011 issue of Family Tree Magazine, we’ll name the 40 Best Genealogy Blogs, or Family Tree 40. It's time to vote on the blogs nominated by the genealogy community.

The nominees are divided into eight categories. In each category, please choose five blogs (you'll get an error if you choose too many).

For category descriptions and Family Tree 40 qualifications, please see http://blog.familytreemagazine.com/insider/2010/11/15/NominateAGenealogyBlogForThe2011FamilyTree40.aspx. Voting is open until 11:59 p.m. Monday, Dec. 20 [Note: No time zone is given.]. You may vote multiple times.

You can click through to visit the blogs from the post at http://www.geneabloggers.com/family-tree-magazines-40-genealogy-blogs-vote-favorite/.

You can also choose to click on the image above and it will be placed in the margin of this blog. Thank you for your support!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

WikiTree Widgets are Here!

December 10, 2010: WikiTree.com

WikiTree is announcing the new release of participation widgets that can be used on any website or blog. The WikiTree Widgets can be used to display a live update of your latest contributions, uploads, and edits to the worldwide wiki family tree.

The widgets were developed in collaboration with Thomas MacEntee and the GeneaBloggers community. A half dozen designs were selected to represent the community’s choices for content, layout, dimensions, and colors.

You can view the WikiTree Widgets, see live examples, view privacy details, and get directions for installing them on your blog or website at http://www.wikitree.com/articles/draft-widgets.html.

About WikiTree: WikiTree's mission is to create a rich worldwide family tree resource by striking the perfect balance between collaboration and privacy. It gives families a free and easy way to privately share information and organize their facts, memories, and photos. At the same time, it enables distant relatives and strangers to grow a worldwide family tree and create a valuable resource for future historians. WikiTree was started in 2008 by Chris Whitten, the creator of WikiAnswers - one of the top 50 websites in the US. Content on WikiTree is owned and edited by its contributors. Join the free community at http://www.WikiTree.com.

NGS Videos Holiday Gift

In the past year NGS has been proud to offer our members a series of short video documentaries featuring notable genealogists. Starting with the interview by Helen F. M. Leary as our holiday gift in 2009, the series has continued throughout 2010 showing interviews with Elizabeth Shown Mills, David Rencher, Leslie Anderson, Laura DeGrazia, and others who have shared their experiences and insights into the work of the genealogist.

As the final feature for 2010 and our holiday offering to members we are releasing at the website today Thomas W. Jones, PhD, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA on “Becoming a Genealogist.” Listening to Tom is always rewarding, both instructive and entertaining. In this conversation he tells about the curiosity he felt as a child about who his ancestors were, reflects on how genealogists “get hooked,” and presents his view on the value to professionals of continuing their own personal research.

While you are at the website take a moment to enjoy others you may not yet have seen. Log in at http://www.ngsgenealogy.org, click on the Members Only tab, and then click on NGS Videos in the sidebar menu.

From all of us at NGS – we wish you a peaceful holiday season!

Mark Your Calendars - NGS Family History Conference, 11-14 May 2011, Charleston, South Carolina.

The COMPLETE 1911 Census Available Now on Genes Reunited.

Leading family history website www.genesreunited.co.uk has published online the complete 1911 census for England and Wales, allowing its members to view the original householder schedules for the first time.

The 1911 census records are the most detailed of any census it includes places of birth, details of siblings, occupations, how many children have been born to the marriage, how many still alive at the time of the census and how many had died. It even allows our members to view the actual handwriting of their ancestors and in full colour.

At genesreunited.co.uk it is possible to search the complete 1841-1911 censuses as well as other historical records such as birth, marriage, death and military records. The 1911 census Enumerator Summary Books have already been available since May 2010.  

Unlimited access to the 1911 census and all of the other records is included in a Platinum subscription, costing £64.95 for 6 months.  Alternatively you can view the 1911 census on a pay-per view basis.  It will cost 5 credits to view an individual transcription, 10 credits to view the household transcription and 30 credits to view the original household image (within these 30 credits you also get to view the Enumerator Summary Book).

Credits can be purchased at the following prices: £5.00 for 50 credits (credits will last for 30 days) or £17.95 for 200 credits (credits will last for 90 days)

Rhoda Breakell, Head of Genes Reunited, said: “We are extremely proud to be able to offer our members the complete 1911 census for England and Wales now.  People will find this an invaluable resource for tracing their ancestors and finding out more about their family history than they knew before.”

FamilySearch Wraps Up Genealogical Gifts for the Holiday Season

FamilySearch Wraps Up Genealogical Gifts for the Holiday Season

Nearly 4 million images added from 7 countries
Nearly four million new digital images are now available on Beta.FamilySearch.org. These collections include the first images from South Africa, as well as records from Brazil, Canada, Germany, Guatemala, the Netherlands, and the United States. About 1.7 million of these records are indexed.
See the chart below for the complete list of newly added or updated collections.

ProjectDigital Images Indexed Records Comments
Brazil, Catholic Church Records 100,110 0 New images added to existing collection
Canada, Quebec Catholic Parish Registers, 1621-1900 85 79,936 New records linked to images; most images already published
Germany, Hessen, Darmstadt City Records, 1627-1939 55,528 0 New images
Guatemala, Civil Registration, 1877-1934 0 22,448 New records added to existing collection
Netherlands, Civil Registration, 1792-1952 1,505,610 0 Images added to existing collection
Netherlands, Zuid-Holland Province Civil Registration 6,349 0 New images
South Africa, Orange Free State, estate files, 1951-1973 79,466 15,879 New records linked to images; multiple images per record
U.S., Maryland, Register of Wills Books, 1792-1983 62,763 0 New images
U.S., Minnesota Territorial Census, 1857 342 156,888 New records linked to images; most images already published
U.S., North Carolina, County Marriages, 1762-1979 39,836 45,204 New records linked to images; partial collection, with more images to come
U.S., World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942 2,040,944 1,371,394 New records linked to images; includes the states of Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wisconsin

FamilySearch International is the largest genealogy organization in the world. Millions of people use FamilySearch records, resources, and services to learn more about their family history. To help in this great pursuit, FamilySearch has been actively gathering, preserving, and sharing genealogical records worldwide for over 100 years. FamilySearch is a nonprofit organization sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Patrons may access FamilySearch services and resources free online at FamilySearch.org or through over 4,600 family history centers in 132 countries, including the main Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Fully Searchable Marriage Records Now Online at Findmypast.co.uk

Press release from Findmypast.co.uk, December 6:

o   95 million fully searchable wedding records from 1837 – 2005
o   Eileen Dover, Holly Oakes and Mary Christmas all found in the records
o   The real Romeo and Juliet married in 1971

Have you ever met a Mary Christmas, Moana Lott or Anita Bath? Many may see these names as amusing but some women who have met the man of their dreams have taken their partner’s name, becoming the Butt of many jokes. Findmypast.co.uk, a leading UK family history website, has launched an easier way to search the marriages of English and Welsh ancestors online. Over 95 million wedding records from 1837 to 2005 have been made fully searchable making it easier to find the exact record you’re looking for.

It’s all in a name
The new fully searchable records have thrown up some interesting finds, proving that when taking a partner ‘for better or worse’; an embarrassing married name doesn’t put everyone off…
A selection of the married names found:
  • Holly Oakes
  • Eileen Dover
  • Hazel Nut
  • Queenie King
  • Mona Lott
  • Jean Pool
  • Joy Rider
  • Lily Pond
  • Anita Bath
  • Candy Barr
  • Kerry Oakey
Findmypast.co.uk has introduced the revolutionary MarriageMatchTM, meaning the end of mystery marriages and endless searching of the records. It will find all the possible matches within the records even if only one name is known. Alternatively, if the first or last name of the spouse is known you get an even more accurate list of possible spouse matches.

Keeping up with the Mary Christmases
It seems that a large number of Marys have continued the Christmas theme with their name and married someone with the festive surname, Christmas. There are over 50 Mary Christmases in the records and the earliest recorded Mary Christmas married in 1837 losing the maiden name of Cannon in Alton, Hampshire.

Where for art thou…
Findmypast.co.uk has discovered a pair of real star-crossed lovers in the marriage records as, in 1971, a ‘Romeo’ married a ‘Juliet’ in Lambeth, London. The family history website has also found the marriage records of Oscar Fingal Wilde to Constance Lloyd in Kensington, London in 1884, Jude Law to Sadie Frost in Westminster, London in 1997 and Kate Winslet to Jim Threapleton, in Reading, Berkshire in 1998.

With this record I thee wed.
Findmypast.co.uk has discovered that the most popular county to be wed in is Lancashire, with 11.66 million records listed between 1837 and 2005, closely followed by London with 11.62 million.

The five most popular towns to be married in were:

Registration District
Number of records
Birmingham, Warwickshire
Manchester, Lancashire
Sheffield,  Yorkshire
Leeds, Yorkshire
Bristol, Somerset

Debra Chatfield, Marketing Manager at findmypast.co.uk, said, “As the first company to publish birth, marriage and death records online, findmypast.co.uk has always been committed to making family history research more accessible. This brand new way of searching the marriage records is a major breakthrough in family history enabling people to find their ancestors’ marriages more quickly and easily than ever before by using our revolutionary new tool MarriageMatchTM. Thanks to initiatives like this, family history is more popular than ever and we hope that we can help even more people to start uncovering their family’s past.”

The sophisticated new search facility will match up your ancestors' records, providing you in many cases with one definite marriage match, or a list of up to four most likely possible matches, saving you time and money.

The launch of these records is part of a year long project that will see findmypast.co.uk digitise over a quarter of a billion records. The reindexed birth records were launched in July 2010 and the death records will follow early in 2011.

The records
Findmypast.co.uk is the only place you can search the 1837-2005 marriage records all in one place. The online family history website has reimaged and transcribed the full collection, allowing researchers to search directly for their ancestors, making it much quicker and easier than before to find one person.

Findmypast.co.uk was the first company in the world to put the complete Birth, Marriage and Death indexes (BMDs) for England and Wales online on 1 April 2003. Previously these were only available offline on microfiche or in registry books, at a selected number of locations. This landmark achievement was recognised in 2007, when findmypast.co.uk won the Queen’s Award for Innovation.

For more information log on to www.findmypast.co.uk 

The marriage records can be searched for free for two weeks by going to www.findmypast.co.uk/marriages