Saturday, September 22, 2012

2012 Walking with Ancestors

What is really important are the people that participate, especially those that researched their Civil War Veteran and told the story over and over all day. I did not get either group picture but have been promised a copy. Since I do not know the names of several of the people here I will not put names on any of these pictures.
You can click on the photos to make them larger.

I only got pictures of the backs of a couple of the guides, but want to thank all of them also.
I also want to thank Shirley Penna-Oakes and Barbara Brazington for all their hard work.
We also had several jets flyover during the talks and at least one actor seemed to attract the airplanes, but John will probably kill me if I tell who attracted the airplanes.

2012 Walking With Ancestors

 This is the EWGS booth still being set up. You can click on the photos to make them larger.

 Right next to the EWGS booth is the NeWGS booth, thanks for coming so far.

 Karen Struve a EWGS-NeWGS member was demonstrating how to do grave stone rubbings.

 Evergreen Cemetery north of Hillyard on the road to Mead.

 This is how a civil war couple would have dressed and a typical table set up.

 John Ellingson at the SAR booth.

2012 Walking With Ancestors

The 2012 Walking with Ancestors was at Greenwood Cemetery and was a tribute to our Civil War Ancestors.
These were some of the posters and books available for people to read while they were waiting for the next tour group.
You can click in the photos to make them larger.

This is the monument shown in the dedication above.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

EWGS & KSPS last Sunday

Our EWGS team collected over $3300 for KSPS Public Television last Sunday, September 16th, during their annual Pledge Break, according to Larry Gross our KSPS helper for that day. In a word, we done good......... and had a good time. Big thanks to Mabel Horrocks who coordinated the day for us..... and was given a really cute thank-you gift from KSPS as a reward for her efforts. Here is our EWGS crew:

Monday, September 17, 2012

EWGS Fall Seminar A SUCCESS !

Our EWGS Fall Seminar, held last Saturday, 15 September 2012, was a great success. Our speakers were Craig Scott (on left) and Mark Lowe and we were taught about War of 1812 Records, Bounty Land Records (I never realized Bounty Land..or free land...was given away by most of the states), and Civil War Records and lastly World War I Records. Lunch was a potluck and there was food enough for twice the number who attended (58) and it was all most yummy.  Here are Craig and Mark:
Others attending the seminar were Doug and Oweta Floyd, Ardis Storms, Connie and Gerry Lenzen (from Portland!) and John Wilson (taking notes on his device):
Mary Leske and Georgia Welton (with Mary Holcomb who had to leave for awhile for a funeral) were a magnificent kitchen crew.......... and Mary Leske won the Grand Prize of a 1-year membership in the Northeast Washington Genealogical Society:
For all those of you who might-have-could-have-should-have attended, may I share that EWGS member Fyrne Bemiller, who is nearly blind, was there as she is to most every EWGS meeting.What's your excuse?
It was a great day; thanks to the good folks at North Hills Christian Church for allowing us the use of their building. And Big Thanks to Bill Hire, who coordinated the entire event.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

2012 WSGS Conference Armchair Genealogy Day 3

Well now you are going to say the conference was only two days long so how did you get three days? Well we stayed Saturday night at Port Angeles, and the next morning went up to Hurricane Ridge and these are some pictures I took as we were there.

This was the visitor center near the end of the road, there was some hiking trails past the visitor center and the road went about a mile past the visitor center to a loop turn around. Just before the turn around it looked like huckleberries along the road so we stopped by the loop and picked some huckleberries, put them into the ice box in the back of Jacque's van, and Monday morning had huckleberry pancakes.

The road to the visitor center has three tunnels and this is one of them.

This really does not show as good as I hoped, there was a ship in the Strait of Juan de Fuca and it does not show here at all.

We then visited the Olympic Game Farm at Sequim. You stay in your car and drive through the farm around the animals. This was the llamas.

Don't think I had seen a prairie dog before.

This was a zebra.
This was a Yak
 The next five are all Kodiak bears.

 This was a Kodiak bear in a pool of water, it was pretty hot the day we were here.

 This was a black bear.

 This was elk trying to block the road and slow down the cars so they would throw more wheat bread.
 These were deer.

The buffalo really liked the wheat bread.