Wednesday, October 31, 2018

EWGS November Seminar Change of Venue

The Seminar with Dave Obee on Canadian Genealogy is scheduled at Saturday morning (registration 8:30-9:00 am). The location has changed due to unforeseen conflicts. The all day seminar will be held at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church located at 8441 N Indian Trail Road in Spokane. There is plenty of parking available at this location when you arrive.
Lunch will be included for everyone who has registered. A mixed group of sandwiches has been ordered for you that registered after the October 15 cut off for the free lunch. So we all will receive "free lunch" for this event.
To emphasize. . . the Saturday seminar on Canadian Genealogy is being held at the announced time but the place has changed to Prince of Peace Lutheran Church located at 8441 N Indian Trail Road. I for one am really looking forward to learning from Mr. Obee and we hope everyone finds us at the new location.
John Wilson
     EWGS Web Manager

Spokane's Spooky, Scary 1,000 Steps!

     By Kris Krell

Spokane's Spooky, Scary 1,000 Steps!

Have you heard of the Haunted Stairs or the Thousand Steps?  I first heard of the story way back in high school.  My girlfriend drove me by the Greenwood Cemetery—she didn’t know why it was called the thousand steps—just that it was spooky scary! 

When I saw this article in the Spokane Historical app, I just had to read it!

There are at least four tales about the stairs but the one I like the most is that many people believe that ghosts guard the staircase stopping people from reaching the top!  Some claim to feel/see ghostly entities while walking at night through the cemetery, up the stairs.  Another article in Google, Atlas Obscura, writes that the steps are called thousand steps because no one can ever make it to the top!  If you walk the steps in the dark and do get to the top, it is said that you will see men, women, and children and will hear their shrieks!

I don’t know how many steps there actually are, but I’m not about the try to go and count them— they are on private property and the steps are in disrepair! 

Source:  Spokane Historical app; Atlas Obscura article in Google