Monday, December 23, 2013

A Puzzle for New Year's Day ?

I've decided to be come a SCRIBE! This only means that I'm helping to index Washington state birth records from the Washington Archives site  ( ) which is VERY fun and VERY easy. I recommend it to all of you!

Doing some entries for Spokane County births, I came upon a female child, unnamed but born alive, to Henrietta Day, age 34, and was her 6th child, and father John McNeal. The little girl was born on 3 Sep 1893. What caught my eye was that under "location" it stated that she was born "on bluff street near river bank." Hummmmm..... thanks to some images from our Spokesman Review found in Google images, I wondered:  is this where the family was living???

So here is your puzzle for New Year's Day if you do not care to watch football all day! In all fairness, I did check the 1900 and 1910 censuses for Washington and did not find the McNeal family. Nor did I find any listings in our Washington Digital Archives.

If you would care to weigh in on this puzzle, please do! And please let me know what you find.............. did this baby girl grow up and have a life??


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Greetings from Donna

Hello and Merry Christmas to each and every one of you EWGS members. It has been a pleasure serving with you and working with you this past year and I look forward to a very Happy New Year growing and learning with all my EWGS friends.

To all of you who have also served EWGS this past year, please accept my sincerest thanks and hugs! EWGS would not be the organization it is without YOU.

I was in Salt Lake City and so missed the December meeting. I wish I could have walked about on Temple Square, in a sea of zillions of Christmas lights, with you. And yes, there was snow!


I can share something really Christmasy-funny with you. On my Delta flight home, the napkin that came with my tomato juice said, "Watch our NEW Coca-Cola Polar Bear family at  I stuffed that napkin in my bag and yesterday I clicked and watched this short little movie......... and it was delightful. I recommend it to you for a big happy holiday smile and to warm your heart. 

Looking forward to our January 4th meeting and luncheon. We'll have to share some new Christmas memories!


Saturday, December 7, 2013

What you Missed December 7, 2013 EWGS Meeting

This months program was a celebration of families, vice president Mary Holcomb asked some of us to bring something from our families, and so looking at what others brought was a lot of fun. We had probably the longest gab session during the break. Also many of the people brought cookies, and so we got to sample great cookies. There were also some family stories..
Mary Holcolmb's Quilt

Pat Bayonne Johnson's Scrapbooks

Shirley Penna-Oakes cookbook and jello molds and cookie cutters

Jeanne Coe's family photos, and Dolly Webb's books

The father of Charles Hansen postcard collection and 
Marge Mero's fathers whittling and her mothers first

Monday, December 2, 2013

EWGS & KSPS: Partners For A Good Cause

A very good time was had by all on Sunday, December 1st, when we gathered at the KSPS Public TV station to take pledge calls. The shows that afternoon were right up our alley: Ed Sullivan and memories of the music of the 60s.  We had fun swapping stories how how we remembered such-and-such a tune or a group.  Ah, memories.

Hope YOU will chose to join us next time.

Cheryl Beck (upper right in the red shirt) has volunteered to be the KSPS coordinator from now on. The station has pledge drives in March, June, September and December. (I'd like to think that most of us enjoy our KSPS station and programming; did you know that 70% of their income comes from membership drives?) So be expecting Cheryl to be asking for volunteers for the next afternoon or evening at KSPS. And please do say yes.

Charles Hansen alerted me that he saw the small obit mention for Mary Gant: " In Thursday's Spokesman Review was the death notice for Mary Gant from the Neptune Society. Mary was EWGS president in 1989-1990, I started coming to EWGS meetings in 1990, and joined the next year. Mary was on the first auditing committee I was on for EWGS and she was a stickler for accuracy. I was hoping to see an obit in today's Sunday paper, but nothing."

EWGS lost two past presidents in one month: Mary Gant and Maxine Pence. Their legacy endures and EWGS gives thanks for their help and leadership.