Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Events and Activities

While many of our members may be out at the lake, or camping, or visiting relatives over the three-day weekend, some of us are still in town. The Spokesman-Review has a listing of area events to honor our military dead, one of which is the dedication of the new Washington State Veterans Cemetery near Medical Lake.

You might also like to check out my Special Offers page on my personal genealogy blog, AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors. I have a listing of all known sales, contests, and freebies being offered in the genealogy world this holiday weekend.

Another activity you may like to do is to create memorial pages for free at the Find A Grave website for your ancestors and relatives. If you would like to really focus on your military ancestors, submit information to the Sons of Union Veterans National Graves Registration Database (they also take submissions for Confederate veterans), and/or the World War II Memorial. Both sites are free to use and submit information to, and great ways to memorialize the military veterans in your families. The latter accepts information about World War II -era individuals who served in some way towards the war effort, whether or not they were actually in the military. If you have a Rosie the Riveter or USO, Red Cross, or other volunteer in your family tree, be sure to honor them! Our own Carol Nettles did a great presentation on this website for a members-only computer class, and if you would like to receive the syllabus--or a Find A Grave syllabus I created--drop me a line here.

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