Friday, November 5, 2021

Obituary Indexing Crew at the MAC.......... finding "goodie" names too.


Most Friday mornings, you'll find Jeanne Coe, Lynda Keenan, Duane Beck, Lynn Krogh, Patricia Flint and Donna Phillips (behind the camera) at the MAC archives. We're on the home stretch of indexing the obituaries found in 25 big file drawers of Pacific Northwest biographies. As we have good times with this project, we often find SUCH interesting names and other stuff:
  • Elvetta Lewis
  • Nicholas Likarish
  • Ozias Lewis
  • Halaha Lewis (wife)
  • Sonji Rutan's mother's obituary!
  • Many lengthy 1920s newspaper stories of pioneer history
We've also opened biography envelopes for Abraham Lincoln and some others that we wonder why they're included at our MAC. 

Thought you'd like to know that a sub-project of EWGS is coming along splendidly. 

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