Friday, February 12, 2021

Travel Today Surely Isn't What It Used To Be


This little bit appeared in The Spokesman Review on June 9, 1937, page 6:


R.S. Cholmley from the Interior of British Columbia is making what may be a record for travel time from Spokane to England. He was called to Southampton, England, owning to a sudden death. He took a bus from the interior of British Columbia via Nelson, B.C. to Spokane, arriving here yesterday morning, making connection with United Air Lines noon plane to New York where he will arrive at 9:00 Wednesday morning.

The local United office wired its New York office to meet Mr. Cholmley on his arrival at the Newark, N.J. airport and transferred him to the Queen Mary, which is scheduled to sail at 11:00 on Wednesday. He will arrive in Southampton on Sunday, June 23, taking only six days for the entire trip." 

Just looked; today the flight time from Spokane to England is about 12 hours. 

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