Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Future of the National Archives in Seattle


How many of us have been over to use the National Archives Branch located on Sand Point Way in Seattle? (I have; that's where I learned that the Soundex for Phillips and Phillip was different!  That was using the un-indexed 1920 census. So much easier now.)

Surely you've heard that it's been proposed to sell that building (developers are chomping at the bit, of course) and re-locate all the records to Kansas City, Missouri.  

My opinion: those eager developers are pushing the government to sell under an old law aimed at unloading excess federal property. 

W-H-A-T? What is "excess" about a collection of "invaluable historical records dating to the 1840s and used all the time for research about everything from tribal history to Japanese internment during WWII and fur seal hunts on remote Alaskan islands." (So wrote Gene Johnson on 4 Jan 2021.)

"This is the DNA of our region," said the Washington Attorney General. "These documents are no digitized. Moving them 1000 miles away essentially and effectively eliminates public access to these critical documents."

So what might you and I do about this???? Find out the facts and contact our/your state legislatures to express your opinion. 

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