Tuesday, February 2, 2021

EWGS Special Interest Groups Offer Education


Like finding gold nuggets in a stream bed, it is super exciting to make a genealogy find. Do you agree?

EWGS, in addition to our monthly programs, offers several Special Interest Group meetings. Two of these are TAG and GRF.  Are YOU availing yourself of these learning opportunities?

TAG is The Ancestry Group, honcho'd by Marge Mero for years and now under the leadership of Janice Moershel.  All the details for taking advantage of this group (and all the other special interest groups) is on the www.EWGSI.org webpage.

GRF is The Genealogy Refocus Group, honcho'd by Sonji Rutan for years and now under the leadership of Lynda Keenan. 

These groups offer monthly ZOOM meetings........... and if you're having trouble with ZOOM the directions are also on the EWGS webpage.

These wintery-at-home days are perfect for more genealogy education!

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