Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Occupations of the Mayflower Men


Jerri McCoy will be giving our program on Saturday, November 7th. She is the Historian for the Washington State chapter of the Society of the Mayflower Descendants. As a "teaser-preview," I thought you might find of interest that I've learned that many of the Mayflower men had bonafide occupations:

             Isaac Allerton was a merchant.
        William Bradford was a magistrate.
        William Brewster was a publisher and church leader.
        John Carver was the first governor.
        James Chilton was a tailor.
        Samuel Fuller was a surgeon (doctor).
        Degory Priest was a hatter.
        Edward Winslow was a merchant.
        Moses Fletcher was a blacksmith.
        Stephen Hopkins was a tanner and merchant.
        Richard Moore was a mariner.
        John Alden was a cooper.
        Miles Standish was a soldier. 





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