Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Mayflower Month: How did they choose where to go?


The big question in these soon-to-be-Pilgrims was where to go? And there was much discussion around the tables in their Leiden homes.

"Some favored establishing a colony in the New World. Many violently objected, however, citing their want of funds for so ambitious a venture, the hardships of a long voyage, the dangers of perishing of starvation and disease, not to speak of the savagery of the Indians, a 'cruell, barbarous and most trecherous' people whose practice were such that a mere recitation of them caused their 'bowels to grate within them.'"

Many destinations were discussed, including Guiana or some spot along the Caribbean coast of South America. Some voted for Virginia but against this it was argued that the Anglican church was already established in the colony and they might be as harassed and persecuted there as they had been at home. But in the end, the vote was for Virginia. 

(Quoting from Saints and Strangers, by George F. Willison, 1945.)

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