Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Inland Northwest Railroad Museum....... gotta go visit!

If you drive west on Hwy 2, just past Reardan, you'll come to the Inland Northwest Railway Museum. This is the biggest, best-kept secret destination place in the area, to my thinking. This old Northern Pacific boxcar welcomes you at the turnoff and then you see this:
After paying a very modest entry fee, you enter the museum which today consists of a 2-story building and half a dozen restored rail cars outside sitting on tracks. And enough memorabilia to keep you reading for hours! 

Railroads..... rail transportation and travel... were vitally important to our ancestors. Yet I'd guess that most of us today have never been inside a rail car nor know much about railroads. A visit to this museum will change all that for you. 

Click to www.inlandnwrailmuseum.com for more information. They are only open Thursday through Sunday. AND A REALLY BIG EVENT IS GOING TO HAPPEN THERE ON SATURDAY, AUGUST 22!!!

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