Friday, August 14, 2020

Big, Sad, Anniversary in Two Days.... Know Who? Know What?

 August 16, 1977, was the day Elvis died. He was only 42 when he passed at Graceland, his Memphis mansion. 

And did that affect you? Not your ancestors this time, but YOU?

We must not always be thinking in terms of the events of our ancestors' lives but of our own.

I remember the night Elvis premiered on the Ed Sullivan Show. We were living in what is now the Nellie Garry house on Fort Wright (Air Force housing then) and was in 8th grade. I'd walked down to the little chapel for a youth group something but had to leave early to be home by 8:00 when the show came on. 

And remember how they only showed him from the waist up because of his "obscene" hip movements?

Have you written your "Elvis moment" into your personal history? Think about it. 

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