Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Equalized Compensation? Ever heard of it?

After World War I, and by an Act of Congress passed on 19 May 1924, monetary benefits were granted to veterans of American military service in that "war to end all wars."

Not everybody was in favor of this legislation. President Warren Harding (1921-1923) was not. He vetoed the bill granting bonuses to veterans of WWI saying that "patriotism...bought and paid for it not patriotism." But Congress overrode his veto a few days later. 

The collection of these digital records for Washington, spanning years 1921-1925,  are to be found at www.FamilySearch.org. These records can contain soldier's name and rank, length of service, place/date of induction, his company, his discharge date, his date/place of birth, his present occupation, name/address of nearest relative, name/address of parents at time of enlistment. What a goldmine!

If your ancestor was a WWI veteran, living in Washington state, during that time period, he might have applied. Check it out. 

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