Friday, May 10, 2019

TAG Meeting Highlights (if you missed that gathering)

The May 2019 TAG meeting (The Ancestry Group) was a winner once again under the capable leadership of Marge Mero.

Marge always reviews for us what is new with Ancestry and reminds us of other EWGS-genealogy happenings going on. She opened a group review of what the future holds for the Shadle Library and for TAG. (Good!)

EWGS member Carol Rancourt presented her French-Canadian Journey, highlighting and explaining to us the things she learned about this sort of research. She highlighted the Drouin Collection, simply put, this is a collection of parish records from the 1600s to 1900s. "But written in old French and not the easiest to read," she quipped. She also stressed that this collection is a tremendous asset for French-Canadian research. 

One website she recommended was .  This is a Quebec based research website.

The next TAG meeting is Thursday, June 13, Shadle Library, 1:00, and the topic, presented by Janice Moerschel, will be an update on what's newly available from Ancestry.

P.S. Lynda Keenan is contemplating starting a DNA class for serious DNA researchers only.  Participants will be expected to purchase the three guide books. Particulars TBD. If interested, contact Lynda at 

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