Monday, May 6, 2019

May meeting: the future of our libraries and our genealogy society.

So what is the future of EWGS and the various Spokane Public Libraries? At the May 4th meeting, Barbara Brazington sat on her stool and explained the results of the members' "think tanking" as to what we wanted for the future of EWGS. Jason Johnson, a SPL librarian and one who is apparently heavily involved in the myriad details of the expansion planning for the Spokane libraries, had a slide show of "what it maybe will look like."

Jason went first; his slide show of drawing showed how the Hillyard, Eastside, Shadle and Downtown libraries will be improved upon (thanks to Spokane citizens passing the library bond issue. Shadle will be expanded but kept to one story. A new facility, the Libby Center, maybe (in two years) will be a place for EWGS to have our meetings "with plenty of free parking."

The Downtown main library was the big news. It's been decided that the library will be totally closed for at least 18 months  while all the remodeling takes place. Much easier to do this with people not underfoot! This construction is scheduled to begin in April 2020 and it means that for 18 months, our EWGS meetings will be moved elsewhere. As will the library holdings too. 

Barbara began with announcing that "EWGS is ready to re-brand itself" with a new name and new logo. She announced a contest for members to submit their ideas and/or suggestions for a new name and/or logo. (Send your idea to Barb then went over the results of what we members had indicated that we wanted: more education, more social time, more real mentoring

"But what do you mean by 'mentoring,'" Barb asked? A couple dozen idea balloons went up from the group. "That must be addressed first," she stressed. "What do you want? Where will you help??" 

To my ears, retired professional librarian Barbara stressed more member involvement. "We are in this society to help each other. That is the only real and main key to our future." I concur 100%.

With her customary big smile, Barb did reassure us that "EWGS is alive and well!" That was really good news. Here's to our future!

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