Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Some problems are tougher than others.

Some genealogy problems are, indeed, tougher than others. Case in point: Cuban genealogy.

Helping a friend of a friend (wondering how I got roped into it!) living in Miami, Florida, with his Spanish-Cuban genealogy. Created a tree for him in Ancestry (always a good way to start in my opinion) and entered what he'd given me...... into four generations on his maternal side. And there are no "green leaves," NO hints. Nary a one. Nada.

The surnames are: Lujan, Lecuona, Valle, Rabitel and Muro. Anybody know anything? 

Will I give up? Heck no. Are there other records to search..... like records created by the immigrant family in Florida? Heck yes. So I am proceeding onward............

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