Monday, April 8, 2013

Societies, Libraries & Geography

Today I'm in Plymouth, Massachusetts, which is on the way to Cape Cod, to be a tourist and to do some genealogical research. I'm traveling with Maureen MacDonald who is my Mayfower cousin; we're both descended from William Brewster.

But my point today is this: in this relatively small geographic area there are at least six facilities in which to research............ different libraries, both public and private, and historical societies. And here in Plymouth is the Society of Mayflower Descendants' research library. (Google that and be amazed at their wonderful visual tour.) 

Is this encouraging or discouraging? I think it's wonderful! If I'm looking for "the answer" I have several different places to look! Without too much driving. I must do my homework first to learn what days and hours these research facilities are open (and boy do they vary and some are only by appointment) but the answers to my questions are likely here and only my diligence keeps me from finding them.  Or lack thereof!

Happy researching, whether in person or via mail or email, to us all.

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