Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gotta love those New England names.

On this New England jaunt I'm finding, laughing over and enjoying seeing surnames that I never heard before.

My traveling buddy is looking for her GENTLMAN-surname ancestor and she's pretty sure he was not a white-collared gentleman of yore. She also is looking for Wigglesworth SWEETSTER. Ohmy.

How about Abner CORPSE who married Hannah Ransom in 1734 in Plymouth?  Or Elizabeth Young who married her cousin FROUGHT Young in 1821 in West Union, Ohio? Or Edward URINE (Urin, Uran, Euren) who came from Scotland in 1657? Or Nicholas MYGOOD who lived in Hampton Falls?

But our absolute favorite was a village sign for Andrew J. Fang, D.D.S.  

I'm sure you could share dozens and dozens of such examples; send them to me if you'd like. 

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