Wednesday, April 24, 2013

EWGS Loses Another One

Susan Hunsche Heil lost her battle with life early in the morning on April 24th and now has gone on to adventures in a different place. We will miss her!!  She was a stalwart on Tuesdays  (with the Tuesday Gals) helping folks in the genealogy room. If you've been the recipient of her help, lucky you.

Susan had German ancestry and lots of it back in and around Cincinnati, Ohio. She and her sister made several research trips there and had good luck and good help with the old German records of her Hunsche ancestors. Cincinnati was near and dear to Susan.

Dolly Webb, her co-worker on Tuesdays, says the family requests no flowers and a memorial service will be held later this summer.

So many will miss you, Susan.

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Charles said...

We will miss Susan, probably one of the nicest genealogists you will ever know.