Friday, October 8, 2021

Old Farmer's Almanac: An Oldie But Goodie, Part 1

Just for fun while grocery shopping, I picked up a copy of the Old Famer's Almanac. SUCH a delightful read! Here are some trivia facts I learned:

** The computer mouse was patented in Nov 1970
** NORAD began to track Santa Claus in 1955
** The last old-style VW Beetle left the plant in 1978
** The Yankees bought 10acres in Bronx for a stadium in 1921
** The Tootsie Roll was introduced in 1896
** The first U.S. weather report broadcast was in 1921
**  Coca-Cola goes on sale in Atlanta in 1886
** An alligator fell from the sky during a hurricane in Charleston, SC, in 1843
** The U.S. Federal Income Tax was imposed in 1861
** Walt Disney World opened in Orlando in 1971
** Love Me Tender, Elvis' first movie, debuted in 1956
** A 5.6 pound avocado set a new world record, Kahului, HI, 2018

Remember these when you decide to audition for Jeopardy!


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