Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Interment.net...... What Do You Know About This Resource?

Many EWGS members remember (the late) Maggie Rail and her "energizer-bunny" dedication to photographing tombstones all over the area and uploading them to this website: www.interment.net.

I mistakenly thought this was Maggie's personal project but clearly it is not when it contains "25+million" records! 

As of a blurb posted on 1 Feb 2020, Interment.net has published 176,172 cemetery records covering 41 cemeteries across 12 states, 1 province and 2 countries and these are not available for free viewing to the general public by visiting www.interment.net/new.htm

Those of you who have been in my classes might remember my advice: If it's free, take two. So go take two looks for your ancestors place of rest at Interment.net.

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