Friday, January 24, 2020

Differences: Ancestor travels yesterday vs. Our travels today.

In days of  yore, and roughly prior to the Civil War, our ancestors came to America aboard sailing ships......... which voyage could easily take over two long MONTHS.
Today, we can travel from America to most any part of the world in HOURS. Isn't that miraculous?

BUT.  Here in Washington, come 1 Oct 2020, if your drivers license does not have the ENHANCED endorsement, you likely may not be allowed to board your domestic flight. Note, you'll still need a passport for international flights and they can be used for domestic flights too.

BUT. If you don't want to carry a passport just to fly within the U.S., come October 2020 you better have an ENHANCED DRIVERS LICENSE. Word to the wise. 

(This was a blurb in the AAA Magazine.)

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