Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Swedish Folklore Magazine....... New

Hello all. This came to me I guess as EWGS president; if you have Swedish ancestry you might be interested. Donna

My name is Ewa Klingberg. I am the editor-in-chief of Hman publishing house in Sweden. The publishing house is a family business that among other things produces the publication ANTYDA in the Swedish market. There is also a website for ANTYDA at www.antyda.se
Three month ago Hman launched the web publication Folklore in Sweden, www.folkloreinsweden.com
This website is aimed at all those with a historical interest in Sweden and especially those that have ancestral roots in Sweden. Folklore in Sweden tells of how the common man lived in times past and what still remains today in the form of leavings and legends. We also instruct on how to gain access to the Swedish archives and records even if one does not speak Swedish. Here you will read about the everyday life of your ancestors and learn how your ancestors lived and worked, a truth that is often far from what we might think we know.
We appreciate all feedback about our website and we aim to have an active dialogue with our readers meaning that you are all welcome to give us tips and ideas on how we can become better and what Folklore in Sweden could contain.
Welcome to join us at Folklore in Sweden.
Best Regards,
Ewa Klingberg
Ewa Klingberg
HMan Förlag AB
Backstigen 7
570 21 Malmbäck
0380 - 66 07 30


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