Friday, August 17, 2012

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow's Genealogy

Tomorrow my son Timothy turns 45 and as I looked for some brand-new-baby pictures of him, and found some, I was struck by the simple plastic InfantSeat (as we called it then) which would be considered so totally unsafe today. We would just set him into the seat, set the seat in the back seat of the car, and viola off we'd go. No seat belts for any of us. I'm so glad that he is here today, alive and well!

Thinking back over my family tree, I've read some pretty sad stories about the deaths of babies and little children. Always makes me sad to know so many of my fore-mothers lost children so young. And while it happened often, I'm sure they never got used to it.

And yet there are horrible sad stories of babies and little children dying today, so I'd guess that our plastic InfantSeat was not a guaranteed death sentence for our baby or any baby using one. How many survived?

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