Sunday, August 28, 2011

Walking With Ancestors 2011 Red Tour

I was not able to sneak away from the Blue Tour long enough to take the Red Tour, but I hope I got all the names correct with the pictures.
This is the first one Debra LeGrand as the Herman Family

This is Sidney Chittum in the Hat as Rose Wright

This is Donna Potter Phillips as the Austin J. Bender Family almost hidden by the Red Tour Guide.

This is Max Rice portraying David Ennis a small boy that died after a fire cracker went off in his hand causing an infection that eventually killed him. He was also interviewed by the reporter for KHQ TV and did a good job.

The next picture of Pat Bayonne-Johnson is a much better picture.
This is Pat Bayonne-Johnson as Elizabeth/Benjamin Bennett Family

This is Pat Bayonne-Johnson sitting and talking to Janice Bueckers. I almost did not get a picture of Janice as we were closing up when I took this picture.
Janice Bueckers was portraying the Hattie/Curtis Parson family.

My mom worked for the Buckley Department store in Hillyard when she got out of high school, but the Buckley's in this section are not related to the Buckley Department Store.
This is Actor Dean Ladd in the red cap as J. Edward Buckley

This was the last one on the Red Tour John Caskey from Fairmount Memorial Gardens as David P. Jenkins

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