Saturday, August 27, 2011

Walking With Ancestors 2011 Green Tour

I was able to sneak off of the Blue Tour long enough to take the Green Tour.
The first Actor was Jonathan Berridge as Seaton Mitchell a WWI soldier that died of influenza while in training camp seven days after WWI was over.
With Jonathan in this picture is tour guide Miriam Robbins. The other two Green Tour guides were Kristi Rice and Sarah Wasicek

The Second Actor was Bill Hire as John S. McWhorter.

The next actor was Carol Nettles as the Tanner family.

The next Actor was Jeanne Coe as Geraldine Critzer and a very interesting story about a murder.
The next actor was Dolly Webb as Alice and Henry Benton, Alice was a doctor.

The last actor in this group was Sarah Hoover as Anna Edberg, but she had left by the time I was on the Green Tour.

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