Sunday, March 14, 2010

EWGS Members at KSPS

This is a picture of several EWGS members taking pledges at our local PBS Station KSPS.
I did not get the names of three people, but those I did get names are Front Row: Jacque Lane, Charles Hansen, Janine Rowan, Jeanne Coe
Back Row: Dani Lee McGowan, Shirley Penna Oakes, Melody Hall, Dick Oakes, Keith Anderson, John Stuart,Sarah Wasicek, Donna Phillips and Cecily Kelly almost completely hidden in the back right. Sarah is not an EWGS member but sister to Mike Chandler who is an EWGS member.
We made the night a pot luck and got a lot of grazing done between answering phones. Collected about $16,500 for KSPS

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