Monday, March 8, 2010

Ancestry magazine....... last issue.

I have subscribed to Ancestry magazine since it began and have all the back issues neatly on my shelves......but they do not just collect dust, I use them for reference! And this week into my mail box comes sad, sad news. The March/April 2010 issue is the final issue of Ancestry Magazine. Cannot speak for you, but I will miss this consistently well-done venerable old publication.

Ancestry is going out with a shout! This issue was jam-packed with more good tips and good articles than ever. One outstanding article, "Project: Census," was a look at the conditions under which the enumerators labored to physically take the census. I learned lots from Mary Penner's article. Did you know that "from the very first federal census in 1790, Congress, anticipating reticent residents, instituted fines for people who failed to fork over information. ...... They were slapped with fines ranging from $5 to $100" if they were tight-lipped or noncompliant.

I guess we shall all now have to get our "Ancestry fix" from their website, their blog and their online newsletter. We will miss you, "paper" Ancestry, but we are confident that you will continue teaching us in the modes of the 22nd century.

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