Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Spokane's Airport History: Wonder Why It's GEG?


Quoting from the website, HistoryLink:  "In 1938 a growing Spokane County decided to develop a local commercial airfield and acquired land on the West Plains where "Sunset Field" was born. Sunset Field ran commercially until 1941 when it was purchased by the War Department. By 1942 it became one of the most important airbases in the West. The Army renamed the airfield to honor the late Maj. Harold Geiger, a pioneer of air travel. 

The above photo (Google images) dates from 1948, "Spokane Airport." In 1942, when Fairchild AFB was established, Geiger was turned into an auxiliary base along Fairchild. 

Now you know why our airport's official initials are GEG. How many times have you flown in/out of GEG??

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