Friday, May 22, 2020

1950 census? Have questions? I do!

Bet you already know that the 1950 census will not be available to us until April 2022, following the 72 Year Privacy Law. But did you realize it will not be indexed upon release?  The link below will take you to LisaLouise Cooke's 2015 post on this subject and I'm sure you will find it interesting. 

Here's what I think will happen:  Remember when we were expecting the 1940 census release? FamilySearch jumped right on it and launched an indexing campaign. Within five short months, the entire 1940 census was indexed. I'd just bet that this will happen with the 1950 census too. We'll see. 

An enumerator interviews President Truman and the First Family for the 1950 Census. Image from

The photo above is of 1950 census enumerators interviewing President Harry and Bess Truman for the census.

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