Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Doing Cherokee research??

I Know I'm Cherokee, But How Do I Prove It | Genealogy, Cherokee ...

Resources I collected for Cherokee research and now no longer need; will send them to whoever wants them for postage:

1.       Some Notes on Cherokee and Other Indian Research, by Robert Davis, published in #48, Heritage Quest magazine (long time ago J  )

2.       The Cherokees: Past & Present, An Authentic Guide to the Cherokee People, by J. Ed. Sharpe, 1970, 33-page booklet.

3.       Exploring Your Cherokee Ancestry: A Basic Genealogical Research Guide, by Thomas G. Mooney, 1992, 60 Xeroxed pages.

4.       Oklahoma Genealogical Research, by Mary Metzger O’Brien, 1986, 50-page Xeroxed booklet.

((From Donna243@gmail.com))

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