Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Free Tutorial Videos........ Helpful learning on your schedule.

We're all up for "free," right? I've taught for years in my classes that "if it's free, take two!" 

Would you like to know about 450 online FREE video lessons on how to better use FamilySearch and Ancestry and how to do genealogy better in general?

Provo sits about thirty miles south of Salt Lake City and the Family History Library. Provo is the home of BYU, Brigham Young University. There is a Family History Library on this campus and it's a real rival to its "big brother" up in Salt Lake. 

Here's how to check this out: (1) click to www.youtube.com;  (2) in the top search bar type in BYU Family History Library; (3) the requested "channel" should come right up; (4) click to subscribe to this "channel" and you'll be notified when new videos are posted.

So let's see. With 450 online tutorials and 365 days in a year, and if you watched one video per day, in 18 months think how smart you'd be! And how confident! 

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