Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Good News & Bad News

Good news and bad news for today. This "news" came up in the discussions of your EWGS Program Committee at our follow-up-to-the-Fall-Workshop meeting. 

While we all realize there is no Magic Pill to swallow to help you find all your genealogy answers
but there are Magic Pearls!!! 
And where do you find or obtain or get Magic Pearls?? By looking for them, duh. 

Think of this oyster. First you had to deep dive in cold water to find the rascal, then risk your fingernails to pry it open, but VIOLA, look at the pearls! Each colored pearl represents a fact about your ancestor for which you've been seeking. 

The point of this silly post, and of our recent EWGS Fall Workshop, are that answers ARE, indeed, out there. We have but to go looking.

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