Friday, March 9, 2018


Happy Birthday Doris Woodward.  When I first started doing research for EWGS, Doris asked me to write about any interesting lookups I had did, and she promised she would edit them to look good in the Bulletin. Thanks Doris you made me look good.
A few years later I got an E-Mail from Family Search to help update the Family Search Resource Guide for the State of Washington. I sent an E-Mail to the board and the only one that answered was Doris, and so we did a letter back to Family Search with what we thought was important that should be in the Washington State Resource Guide, and they did put many of our suggestions in that Resource Guide. Since then it was put in the Family Search Wiki for Washington state.
The photo above I took at the program EWGS did to honor Doris for her long service as editor of our EWGS Bulletin in 2011. Thanks Doris

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