Friday, May 3, 2013

Cemetery Story from Port Angeles

While I would like to be in Spokane attending tomorrow's EWGS meeting, I am on "family duty" in Port Angeles. And when I am here I enjoy walking in the Ocean View Cemetery which is on a high bluff over looking the Straight of Juan deFuca on the west side of Port Angeles.

For several visits I have been intrigued by this memorial-marker-tombstone which overlooks the ocean and reads: Port Angeles Bob, April 13 1945, Aged 110 years, Rest in Peace:


The obituary for "Chief "Bob," Our Oldest Indian" appeared in the Olympic Leader on 16 April 1915 and reads:  "Port Angeles Bob, a cousin of Chief Seattle, and the best known of the Clallam Indians, being at least 110 years old, died at his little place.... where he had waited for many long years for the grim reaper to come and take him into the unknown."

The obituary went on at length to tell of his visit to Seattle two years previously and when a streetcar whizzed by he was asked what he thought and "Heap fast," he grunted." He was taken to the statue of Chief Seattle and "he gazed on it for several moments earnestly. "Heap big chief," he declared at last. All same my father, Chief Norman." 

"Bob was unusually well preserved, considering that his life extended back to the administration of Thomas Jefferson." 


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