Monday, December 19, 2011

January Luncheon & Dues are now payable online!

Our webmaster, Diane B., is doing a whiz-bang-great job with our website. Have you clicked there recently???  When you do, you're in for a visual and educational treat.

Now would be a good time to click to our site for you can pick two flowers with one snip of the clippers...... you can pay your 2012 dues and register for the January luncheon right from the website using our PayPal account. Couldn't be easier!

PayPal new to you? Click to and set up a free account. This is a really good and really secure idea. You register your credit card ONE PLACE and any online shopping or organization dues paying you do PayPal will pay them and bill your card........... PayPal is the only "one" with your credit card information.

So to conduct that EWGS business I mentioned above, click to our EWGS website, click to where you can register for the January lunch and pay your dues via PayPal. You'll be prompted to sign in to YOUR PayPal account to authorize this payment by them to your credit card. Viola and it's done. As they say on TV, "try it you'll like it," I promise.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all.  Donna

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