Saturday, July 16, 2011

Leonardo DaVinci at the MAC

One whole huge wall at Spokane's MAC museum has been turned into the Last Supper by Leonardo DaVinci. If you'll never afford to travel to Italy to see the original (which is crumbling fast) you can come see it here and now!  And what does this have to do with genealogy, you're perhaps saying?

The Leonardo DaVinci exhibit currently at our MAC (Museum of Arts and Culture) is a wonder...... to see the drawings DaVinci made, and then to see the wooden models of that whatever-it-was........... Leonardo DaVinci, 1452-1519,  was a man, an inventor and a true genius and his inventions show the vast imagination of man. You will be enthralled as you walk through this display of his creations.

And if you want to make Egg Tempera Paint and slather a wall with a creation of your own, you can pick up a flyer that will tell you just how to make that paint. (The exhibit is only there until September 5th, so hop to it.)

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Charles said...

It is a very good exhibit, while I am not a real art person the mechanical devices Leonardo devised or constructed are amazing.