Monday, March 23, 2015

Donna's Travels: Cemeteries in Taiwan

In an island country the size of Connecticut with a population matching that of Australia, you'd expect to see many cemeteries and we surely did! Weedy-overgrown ones, tidy-tended ones, hillside ones...coming right down to the highway.... Buddhist ones and a few Christian ones.... and one all by itself in a plowed field.

April 5th is the Chinese New Year and on that date families will come to their ancestral graves to clean them up......... as this man is getting a head start on doing.

Loved ones are buried facing west because, I was told, they are "facing the life to come."

Thought you might enjoy these photos I took since all genealogists are interested in cemeteries.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

TriCity Genealogical Society Contest

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                          
 TriCity Genealogical Society

For more information contact
  Susan Davis Faulkner
   Phone: 509-554-1050

The TriCity Genealogical Society to launch contest to prove that not all genealogical records are available online.
Beginning April 1 contest participants are encouraged to post scanned images of genealogical documents on the TriCity Genealogical Society Facebook page. Images can be of documents obtained by any method other than downloading. There are various methods to obtain documents including having them handed down by family members, ordering them from government agencies, and copying them from microfilm images just to name a few.
To enter the contest a participant needs to upload the document image to the TriCity Genealogical Society Facebook page. They also need to include how the document was obtained and how it fits into their family history research.
Each month an entry will be selected as the winning entry and a prize will be awarded. The contest ends March 31, 2016 and three entries will be selected as Grand Prize winners. Prizes include online subscriptions to Findmypast, Mocavo,, Fold3 along with additional prizes.
Participants are limited to one entry per week. Membership is not a requirement.
It is the desire of the TriCity Genealogical Society to educate our community that not all genealogical records are available online while simultaneously celebrating computerized genealogy.
The TriCity Genealogical Society Facebook page is located at A link to the Facebook page can be found on the TriCity Genealogical Society website at

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Northwest Genealogy Conference August 2015

Dear Society Members:

We have exciting news for your members and your community, and we are asking for your help in spreading the word. I've included information below about both The Northwest Genealogy Conference and the Free Beginning Genealogy Workshop, held this upcoming August.  Our Conference Flyer is attached so you can print and make available at your society.


Registration begins April 15 for the Northwest Genealogy Conference held August 13 - 15, 2015 in Arlington, Washington. You'll find information about our conference at

The details:

CeCe Moore, Angela Packer McGhie, and Judy G. Russell to headline the NwGC three-day event - Registration Opens April 15, 2015

This year's speaker list is an outstanding group of professional genealogists from across the country. In addition to our headline speakers, your members will also learn from some of the Northwest's best genealogists, including Cyndi Ingle, Luana Darby, Steven W. Morrison and Janet Camarata. Linda Harms Okazaki will be lecturing on Japanese Roots in the United States, and Jean Wilcox Hibben will be lecturing on Citations and  America: Land of the Farm, Home of the Plow. More than 25 total classes are available, and you can see all the specifics on our website at

Conference Video for Your Website: (great for your website and social media pages)

NEW THIS YEAR - Free Beginning Genealogy Workshop held August 12, 2015 - Registration is Open

Beginning genealogists (or those of us who want a refresher course), will get to learn from two of the Northwest's best educators, Janet Camarata, and Winona Laird. They will be teaching a four-part workshop on fundamentals all genealogists need. Attendees will learn how to prepare to research, all about census records and vital records, as well as both on and offline resources and tools and techniques to keep moving your research forward. This pre-conference workshop is free, but space is limited so registration is required. 


Many of the conference speakers are in the Pacific Northwest for the first time, and we know your members will not want to miss out on these classes. We have recently returned from RootsTech where two of our headliners spoke to standing-room-only crowds. Their appearance in Arlington is a unique opportunity to see them a little closer to home.

We are asking our society friends to help us spread the word in four ways

1. Post the information about the NwGC and the Free Beginning Genealogy Class on your website event calendar
2. If you would like physical copies of our flyer, just send me an email at, and we will get them to you. We also have bookmarks if you want them and can send those to you as well.
3. Promote us to your membership. We are happy to write a guest blog or newsletter article for you if you want. Again just email me at, and we will turn around an article or marketing blurb about the conference.
4. Follow us on FacebookTwitter, (@stillygen #NwGC) LinkedIn and Google+ (

FAST FACTS - Free Beginning Genealogy Workshop, sponsored by the Stillaguamish Valley Genealogical Society

Date: Wednesday Aug 12, 2015
Time: 1 - 4 pm
Location: Byrnes Performing Art Center, Arlington Washington, 18821 Crown Ridge Blvd. Arlington, WA 98223
Workshop Leaders: Janet Camarata and Winona Laird
Cost: FREE but registration required

FAST FACTS - Northwest Genealogy Conference (NwGC), sponsored by the Stillaguamish Valley Genealogical Society

Dates:  Thursday through Saturday, Aug 13-15, 2015
Time:  8 am to 6 pm each day
Location: Byrnes Performing Art Center, Arlington Washington, 18821 Crown Ridge Blvd. Arlington, WA 98223
Speakers: 19 speakers, with CeCe Moore, Angela Packer McGhie, and Judy G. Russell headlining
Cost: Below. Registration Opens April 15
Full Conference All Three Days - Early Bird Pricing $130 $150.00
Single Day August 13th Only
Early Bird Pricing - $60
Single Day August 14th Only
Early Bird Pricing - $60
Single Day August 15th Only
Early Bird Pricing - $60
Room and Ride Share Board:
Conference Hotels:

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

EWGS 80th Birthday 2015

February 22, 1935

February 23, 1935

February 25, 1935

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday, March 8, 2015

EWGS Hosted HQRL Directors Jim & Debbie Johnson at March meeting.

Jim and Debbie Johnson drove over from the Heritage Quest Research Library in Sumner, Washington (near Tacoma) to share a wonderful day with EWGS. They brought 30 boxes of books for sale and the 50-some EWGS members had a delightful shopping spree.

Here's Jim unpacking some of those 30 boxes; Debbie is at the end of the long line of tables.

We had planned on Jim sharing two presentations with us but he ended up sharing three presentations with us. The first talk was on "Western Migration 1840-1869." The handout that went with this talk was a 2-page list of links for further research via online sources. One new thing I learned was that more than half who migration westward came via boat either across Panama or around Cape Horn.

And are there passenger lists for these sailing ships? "Are there passenger lists for passenger jets these days?" quipped Jim. The answer is, sadly, no there is not.

Jim's second presentation was on "Researching in Western Washington"  and he had for us an 8-page handout of online resources and "brick and mortar" addresses. He spent several minutes extolling the virtues of not overlooking public libraries. "Many, if not most, local public libraries have a collection of local history. It's a point of pride with them and reflects the current interest in history. You will find nuggets of information there that you won't find anywhere else."

The third, and extra "throw-in" talk that Jim shared with us was his favorite talk, "Using Google for Genealogy." The entire group was engaged with this talk and everybody learned some new ways to use Google. 

It was a grand day, and we members brought a wonderful potluck lunch...... which Mary Holcomb and Pat Ayers set up and took down for us. Several members came early to help the Johnsons unload those 30 boxes of books; we thank them too. It was a grand day.