Saturday, September 12, 2009

WSGS Conference Second Day

Wow the second day started early, as a night owl getting up a 5 am to check my Google Reader and E-Mail and head for the breakfast that started at 7 am after not getting to bed before midnight Friday. Glad I got there early as the line for the breakfast buffet was very long and I got there fairly early and did not have to spent a long time in the line. Excellent food and I really love a the fruit in the morning. Megan's second topic was Reverse Genealogy: Techniques For Finding Your Lost Loved Ones. Very interesting topic on finding living relatives that may have clues for your research and techniques for finding them. After Megan was done we had two break out sessions they called them, each session had 4 topics you could pick. Session A-1 was Dale Soden with Scenes from Washington ; Session A2 was Margie Beldin on Family Search Just Got Better. This was the Session I went to, and Margie did an excellent job showing the new features of Family Search, Family Search Labs and Pilot Family Search. Session A-3 was Pat Bayonne-Johnson African American Genealogy, and the last of the A sessions was A-4 by Jerri McCoy on Online Query Databases, this looked like an good session in the syllabus as she listed good and bad queries and how to post a good query. The next group of sessions were B-1 Dale Soden CCC in the Pacific Northwest, this was the session I went to, but I was ready to flip a coin over session B-4, Dale is a history professor at Whitworth University here in Spokane. While he said he was no expert on the CCC or C's at they called themselves, he found a group of men that had been in the CCC having a weekly gathering at a local restaurant and asked a few to help with a public radio program on the CCC. He played a tape of the broadcast then showed several slides on CCC camps in this area and projects they did in this area in the national forests around here. Session B-2 was done by Gordon Struve Traveling with an iPaq, session B-3 was Scandinavian Research in the Pacific Northwest, session B-4 was Sue Richart NEHGS Databases, this was the other session this hour I wanted to go to, but the coin flipped the wrong way. Then lunch and the salmon and deserts were excellent. Megan did her third talk, Trace Your Roots With DNA, I have not done anything with DNA for a couple of reasons, one I have my paternal line back the the early 1600 in Denmark. My grandfather came in 1887 and once I found the parish he was from (Humble Parish in Svendborg county) Danish records are wonderful. I was able to go back about 5 generations in Danish records as it was pretty easy to find my grandfathers father and mother in the birth record of my grandfather and it listed the names of his parents (wives kept their maiden names then) their ages and places of birth. I did most of this research at the Family History Library and getting another roll of microfilm was just a short stroll to the microfilm cabinets. The second reason was most DNA projects are for a specific surname, but my Hansen line is very short, my great grandfather was Hans Mikkelsen, his father was Mikkel Madsen and so on back, so which surname project do I join? Hansen, Mikkelsen, Madsen or one of the other surnames? Megan said I might have to start a SEN DNA project to sort out the SON-SEN surnames from Scandinavia.

Session C-1 was Jerry Handfield the Washington State Archivist, The Revolt of the Genealogist: Records, Records, Records. another coin flip and Jerry lost, or maybe I lost. Session C-2 was Bruce Buzbee, CEO and programmer for RootsMagic Genealogy Program,he won the coin flip, I have been looking for a program that allows me to put more pictures in the notes section of a book printout, and RootsMagic right now still only allows one picture there, and the rest of the pictures you have for that person goes into a scrapbook for that person. Session C-3 was Barbara Brazington Eugenics: The Misuse of Genealogy?

And session C-4 was Carol Madeiros Creating a desktop Atlas. Session D-1 was Lee Pierce Washington's Paper Records, Lee is an archivist at the Washington State Digital Archives and I have seen him there and he is very knowledgeable on the paper records at the Digital Archives which are from the eleven counties in the far eastern part of Washington, so an excellent presentation. Session D-2 Karen Struve Finding Graves, Cemeteries and Burials, Session D-3 Steve Baylor Drawing and Keeping Society Members in an Internet Environment. The WSGS Board and EWGS volunteers were invited to Luigis for dinner and the WSGS board meeting.
Note if anyone did any of the sessions I mentioned but did not get to would like to write about them let me know and I will post about those sessions also.

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