Thursday, July 30, 2009

Search the Spokane Daily Chronicle Online-Free!

Search the Spokane Daily Chronicle Online-Free!
from Library Genealogy Blog by genealogy librarian

A friend recently brought to my attention that Google has digitized and made searchable the Spokane Daily Chronicle and its predecessor, the Spokane Falls Daily Chronicle as well as the more recent Spokesman Review from approximately 1890-date. The method of finding the search is difficult, which is probably why it has remained unknown for so long. Although you can find articles and view them on Google, in order to get a physical copy you would need to come to the library or contact us with a citation, which is available at the top of the page. The way to get to the search is as follows: First, go to Google and click on News. Then click advanced news search (to the right of Search the Web). On that page, click archive search, then click advanced archive search. One last thing, make sure you enter “Spokane” in the source box to get only local searches. If you are from out of town and need a lookup contact us at Happy searching!


Unknown said...

Thanks for this tip....I was able to find the truth to my great grandmothers death....she was murdered by her 2nd husband.

Miriam Robbins said...

Crystal, I am glad you found some closure to this mystery.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it appears Google News no longer allows archive searches.