Friday, December 26, 2008

What You Missed: The December 2008 General Meeting

The December 2008 E.W.G.S. General Meeting started with a quick business meeting and the election of officers for 2009: President Bill Hire, First Vice President Patricia Bayonne-Johnson, Second Vice President Pat Ewers, Third Vice President Carol Nettles, Corresponding Secretary Joan Martin, Past President Susan Beamer, Member at Large Lola McCreary, Trustees Pat Mielbrecht and Bev Vorpahl, and Recording Secretary Mabel Horrocks. The Treasurer's office is open due to the death of Gary Taylor. The new officers will be installed at the January meeting.

During the month of November, Juanita McBride was accepting donations of books and publications to sell at the December meeting and E.W.G.S. members responded with a bunch of books and publications. There was a silent auction of some books, and the publications sold for a dollar a bundle. Everyone was issued a paddle with a number so you could bid on the books, and all the money was to go for a scanner to scan and back up books and materials in the library. The most fun was watching paddle #9 buy about half the books for sale, so you missed a great sale!

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