Wednesday, December 26, 2007

2008 Membership Dues and January Luncheon Fees Due

It's that time of year. Annual dues for membership in the Eastern Washington Genealogical Society for the 2008 calendar year are due as of Monday, December 31st. You can send your check made out to EWGS to P.O. Box 1826, Spokane, WA 99210-1826. If you are becoming a member for the first time, please download and fill out this application and mail it in with your check. The cost for an individual or a family are $25.00; a lifetime membership for either an individual or family is $375.00. UPDATE: Earlier I reported that lifetime membership was $300.00. I had read some outdated information. The correct cost is $375.00, which is 15 times the cost of the annual dues, per society bylaws.

Also, the $20.00 per-person fee for the January luncheon--to be held at 12 noon, January 5th, 2008 at the Mukogawa Commons--needs to be sent in as soon as possible. The deadline is this Saturday, January 29th. If that deadline is a problem, please contact Pat Mielbrecht at once; her phone number is in the directory. The luncheon fee can be mailed to the post office box listed above. Please also enclose your name(s) and phone number, along with the number of chicken or beef meals for which you are paying. Details and an order form are available here.

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