Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Differences Between and Ancestry Library Edition

From Suzanne Russo Adams at Ancestry:

User Experience is designed for the individual so there is a lot of personalized functionality and there are personalized options available to individual subscribers that aren’t available on our institutional sites. The following is a list of the major features and functionality that subscribers have available that are not included in the institutional versions of Ancestry:

My Ancestry
The MyAncestry section of the site allows you to save the names and vital information of people you are looking for in your family tree in Personal and Public Member Trees. The website will initiate a perpetual search of’s databases. This is not only great for the search capability, but also can be used as a research log of sorts to monitor the ancestors you have found on the site.

Ancestry Community
Browse or search millions of messages on thousands of surname, locality and topic-centric boards to connect and learn from long lost relatives and newfound friends. Use the “Member Directory” to search for other members of the Ancestry community who have common family history interests.

Learning Center
Search the best collection of family history how-to and genealogy learning materials on the Internet. Browse or search archives of Ancestry Magazine, the Ancestry Daily News, and popular online columnists.

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Family Trees
This section of the site has many great ways to share and manage all the great information you find at Newly added is the ability to upload photos, documents and add stories about ancestors in the Personal and Public Member Trees.

Family Trees Search Tab
A tab that allows one to search the family trees on Ancestry.

Additionally, there are certain databases that are available on, that are NOT available on Ancestry Library Edition:
  • Historical Newspaper Collection
  • Family and Local History Collection
  • Obituary Collection
  • Periodical Source Index (PERSI)
  • Filby’s Passenger and Immigration Lists Index (PILI)
  • Biography & Genealogy Master Index (BGMI)
  • Freedman’s Bank Records

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