Friday, February 6, 2015

Serendipity Friday

Did you see this on the news back in October? Our Spokesman reported that "as slow-moving lava approached a cemetery in a rural Hawaii town, Aiko Sato placed flowers at the headstone of the family plot she's tended to over the years, thinking it would be the last time she would see it."

By a miracle of nature, the lava swirled around the tombstone and left it standing and visible. The family feels that Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess, spared the headstone. "We're so thankful we know the tomb is still there."

Has the lava continued its rampage? Is the tombstone still standing? Wouldn't we like to know?

I took this photo of a tombstone under a rock on a beach in Puerto Rico. Did not have paper and pencil to take notes, but it was only a few years old. Wonder if Mother Nature will let this be???

Many wonder why pay thousands of dollars for a fancy casket??? Here were two, surely very expensive in their day, sitting in the corner of a cemetery in San Juan, Puerto Rico, quietly rusting away. Very sad.

Hope you enjoyed Serendipity Friday from Donna.

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