Saturday, September 6, 2014

Early Spokane History Marker Early City Hall

In the September- October 2014 issue of Nostalgia  Magazine pages 18 and 19 is the article titled: Early Spokane History Marker Installed at the First Intersection in Spokane. It tells about installing this marker in Riverfront Park just east of the Rotary Fountain: 
Here is a close up of the city hall that was built here in 1894 and torn down in 1913 to build the Union Pacific Railroad depot.
They also have a picture that shows what this spot looked like from across the river about 1900.

Another view from across the river.

The dedication picture in the magazine included 4 persons: Tony and Suzanne Bamonte, Chuck King and EWGS member Doris Woodward.

Here is the Rotary Fountain:


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